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Your crystal water bottle: discover the natural vibration of stone 

A crystal water bottle for shining your energy

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Choosing the right Crystal water bottle

Your need, your stone

You feel stressed ? lake of confidence ? You need support to be protected against negative energy ? Find the right stone for you…

There are many ways to choose the correct stone. The first one is according to the chakra you would like to work on, the second one will be by letting your intuition guide your choice and the last one will be according to the energitique propriety that you are looking for. In fact, each stone has got a specific energitic vibration and the magic happen they interact with your own vibration. Read more to discover

The vibration for your need

Your stone, your personnality. Find the best stone for you and your objective

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Our bottle is easily transportable, bring it everywhere with you

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Our bottle is made by 100% glass, choosing a glass bottle is a eco-friendly gesture

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Science based experiment on water and stone vibration

The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has done a number of fascinating experiments on the capacity water has to remember and to be shaped be the intention that it is put through.

We all know that we are electricyt, energy and we are composed by 70% . Thus, we need to be surounded by a high vibration environement because all the elements that composed affect our own energy. In the research of Masaru Emoto you will constat how powerful is the intention and how it affect the molecule of water..  Our crystal will help you to rise this frequency by delivery only good intention that will protect and benefit for your daily life.